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Improving System Efficiency by Taking Meaningful Actions From Data

By wpengine on November 16, 2019 in Articles, Game Developers

Author: Shawn Hillyer, Software Engineer

This is a story of how we identified and fixed an issue of a key component of our business – improving its efficiency by over 70%.

Software engineers have the vital responsibility of ensuring the stability of the systems they design and maintain. This is especially important at Skillz, a massive marketplace platform that services over 4 million mobile game tournaments every day. We tailor the user experience with a data-driven approach that creates a record for each player in each game played.

We want to cache important information about every player, so we use Amazon S3 to stage that information and then index it in ElasticSearch for quick retrieval. 

However, in August, we noticed this data was taking so long to load that we were unable to finish loading records before the next scheduled load began. To preserve the positive player experience, we had to quickly identify and act on solutions.