About Skillz

Skillz, the leading mobile eSports platform, connects the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers through competition


San Francisco, CA

Date Founded:

March 2012

Date Launched:

April 2013


130+ Employees


iOS and Android


18 million+




$53 million from sources such as the owners of the New England Patriots, Milwaukee Bucks and New York Mets and Sacramento Kings.


800 million total, 2 million+ daily


The average Skillz user spends 64 minutes a day playing games on the platform.

Minutes Broadcast:

Skillz broadcast 115 million minutes of its tournaments being played by professionals via platforms like Twitch and YouTube in 2017, up from 8.5 million in 2015

Prizes Awarded:

Skillz accounted for 8.4% of all eSports prizes in 2014, 21% in 2015 and over 46% in 2016


Andrew Paradise

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Paradise is the CEO and founder of Skillz. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record. Prior to Skillz, Andrew founded AisleBuyer, which was sold to Intuit in April 2012 as well as Photrade, which was sold in 2009 to MPA Inc. He has also worked in venture capital and private equity investing for Fort Washington Capital Partners and The Watermill Group. Andrew learned to program at age seven by hacking a video game with a hex editor and later wrote his first game in Pascal. Andrew founded Skillz because he believes in making mobile games more fun for players while making game creation more lucrative for developers.

Casey Chafkin

Chief Operating Officer

Casey Chafkin is the Chief Operating Officer at Skillz. As a stats geek turned marketer and the fourth employee at AisleBuyer (now Intuit GoPayment), Casey is an expert in mobile payments and performance marketing. Prior to AisleBuyer, Casey worked at CarMax where he re-launched the company’s consumer offering and led loyalty research. Casey received his B.S. in economics from Duke University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Outside of the office, Casey has continued to pursue his love of statistics as an avid poker player and a co-author of a paper covering programmatic trading strategies within sports handicapping markets.

Craig Churchill

Chief Revenue Officer

Craig Churchill is the Chief Revenue Officer at Skillz, the worldwide leader in mobile eSports, which was recently named the fastest-growing company in America by Inc. Magazine. In a career that has spanned nearly 25 years, he has worked in a variety of executive roles at some of the world’s leading technology companies, including IGT, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Dell and Microsoft. Craig graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in business administration and now lives in Silicon Valley. As a world-class leader committed to creating value for high-velocity technology companies, he is known as a success-driven executive with a dynamic career record of integrating sales, marketing and operational expertise to drive multimillion-dollar growth initiatives.

Miriam Aguirre

Vice President of Engineering

Miriam Aguirre, an avid gaming enthusiast, is the Vice President of Engineering at Skillz. Prior to this, she worked as a software engineer for companies including HubAnalytics, Krush Inc., Financial Engines and Hewlett-Packard. She has been featured in CIO Magazine for her passion and efforts to bring diversity to eSports and gaming. Miriam grew up in Los Angeles and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from MIT. Today, she can be found leading the Skillz engineering team and working to advance the eSports industry.

Elliott Kaplan

Director of Customer Service

Elliott Kaplan, a competitive tabletop gamer and dedicated MMO player, is the Director of Customer Service at Skillz. Elliott worked his way through supporting the hospitality and print industries before joining the gaming world with a position at KIXEYE in 2012. He has been striving to provide the best experience possible for gamers ever since, working across a variety of support channels, running teams on three continents, collaborating with top gaming support leadership, and once hosting a 24-hour “Dungeons and Dragons” game for charity. Elliott grew up in Southern California and received his B.A. from UCLA. He currently leads the Skillz customer advocacy team from Portland, Oregon. He believes that customer service is public service and that the goal should always be to solve the problem before the player even knew they had one.

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can email pr@skillz.com to reach our PR team regarding any questions or to be added to our press list.


can email launch@skillz.com to be connected with our developer relations team.

If you are a Skillz player or you do not fall into either of the categories listed above, please email support@skillz.com for most efficient assistance.