Welcome Back to Skillz, Chris Harrison!

We’re thrilled to welcome Chris Harrison back to the Skillz family! A true Skillz veteran, Chris started on the team in 2014 and was a key figure in building out our Customer Advocacy function. 

After his first five year stint at Skillz, Chris took some time off to travel, explore San Francisco, and pursue his passion for writing. Chris enjoyed spending restful time off and rejoined Skillz as a Customer Advocacy Program Coordinator this January. 

As Chris considered his career possibilities, he spoke to people about what they loved about the places they worked. 

“I learned a lot of great things about companies throughout the Bay Area but the more I heard, the more I realized I’d rather work for Skillz,” he said. “The people here and their dedication to the company’s success are unmatched.”

Chris reached out to former colleagues, who eagerly encouraged him to return to the team. In his new role, he’s focused on providing support for the groups in Customer Advocacy by managing and building out cross-functional initiatives throughout the company. 

“When I started at Skillz initially, we were only about 30-40 people and things were certainly different, but I watched a lot of that change happen while being part of it,” said Chris. “When I showed up to work on my first Monday back, seeing all the changes, big and small, was amazing. It also made me very proud to have worked, and to return again to a company that’s always moving forward.”