Skillz wins $43 million patent verdict against AviaGames

A letter from the CEO

I’m delighted to share an exciting update regarding our recent trial against AviaGames, which concluded on February 9, 2024. I’m elated to announce that not only did the jury rule in our favor, but they also acknowledged AviaGames’ willful infringement of our platform patent.

As many of you know, Skillz has always been committed to fostering an environment where fun and fair competition flourish. Our unwavering dedication to fairness stems from the belief that every player deserves a level playing field, where their skills can truly shine without the disruption of unfair practices. Throughout the trial, we shed light on AviaGames’ use of unfair bots for financial gain, while directly misguiding players who believed they were competing against real humans. See coverage from Bloomberg Law, Reuters and Venture Beat.

This victory represents a significant step forward in holding accountable those who undermine the integrity of gaming. Skillz remains steadfast in its commitment to championing fairness not just for ourselves, but for the entire gaming community. We are confident that this triumph will reinforce the principles of fairness, integrity, and skill-based competition that are essential to making gaming enjoyable and secure for all. 
Our fight is not over yet, as we strive to create a future where robust policies are in place to prevent companies such as AviaGames from utilizing such deceitful practices.

– Andrew Paradise
CEO, Skillz