Skillz is Heading to GDC: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

20th-22th of March 2024, at GDC.

Excitement is mounting as the Game Developers Conference approaches, and this year, Skillz is bringing the excitement! With great events lined up, attendees can expect a fun and meaningful experience. Here’s a glimpse into what’s coming up and how you can plan ahead:

Live Tournament Extravaganza at our Booth:

Prepare for non-stop action and adrenaline-pumping competition at the Skillz booth. Every hour, starting at 10:10 am PST, our live game tournaments invite you to battle it out for glory and amazing prizes. From iPads to PS5s, Oculus headsets to Samsung phones, and even a Louis Vuitton skateboard, the stakes are high! This is the best way to experience the Skillz platform and discover why millions of players can’t get enough of it. Don’t miss your chance to showcase your skills and claim victory at GDC.

Visit our booth #S1141 at the South Hall of the Moscone Center. Follow us on X for the tournament schedule or pick up a printed copy at our booth.

Speaker Session: “The Future Is Here: The Rise of Real Money Gaming and How to Win in It”:

The gaming landscape has undergone a profound evolution, with Real Money Gaming (RMG) emerging as a game-changer. The thrill of turning skills into dollar bills captured the attention of diverse and growing player communities. But for developers, what new revenue frontiers does this unlock? And why is skill-based, real-money competition poised to shape the future of gaming? Join us for an engaging expert panel discussion moderated by VentureBeat reporter, Jordan Fragen. This session will deep dive into the expanding RMG market, offering valuable insights, practical learnings, and best practices to navigate and conquer this dynamic landscape. Best of all? You can win REAL prizes in a LIVE tournament during the session. On the panel: Andrew Paradise, CEO Skillz; Andrew Bell, CEO Big Run; Adam Smart, Director of Product & Gaming, Appsflyer; Alex Tikhman, President of Tik Games; Mudita Tiwari, Sr. Director, Developer Experiences, PayPal.

Mark your calendar: 20th of March, 3:30 pm PST, room #2024. You don’t want to miss this!

Got a Great Game? Meet Our Team at GDC

At Skillz, our passion lies in empowering game developers to transform their craft into currency. We believe in enabling developers to do what they love most: making great games, while we take care of the rest! Come and meet our team at GDC to learn how you can monetize better through the power of competition. Let’s unlock the full potential of your games together! Book a meeting with us using this link.

Our Fight for Fairness Continues

Building on our recent triumph against AviaGames, Skillz is steadfast in its mission to eliminate unfair bots within the gaming industry. We’re currently scheduling meetings with journalists at GDC to discuss our stance and actions toward building a fairer future for all players. Reporters keen on covering this pivotal narrative are encouraged to reach out to us and schedule a meeting via email at Join us in championing fairness and integrity in gaming.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we gear up for an unforgettable experience at GDC. See you there!