Skillz Developer Roundup: Five Fresh November Games

More games launched on the Skillz platform this month, bringing exciting new content to your fingertips! We’re delighted to highlight the latest games from our skilled game developer partners around the world. Download these new titles and try them yourself!

Skill Shot Darts – Skillz PvP” – Robot Riot UG

In this exciting game, you can play classic 301 darts in real-time tournaments against other competitors. Play the fast-paced “bonus attack” game mode and break the high score. Can you hit all the targets? Embrace your inner champion and start your virtual “Skill Shot Darts” esports quest today.

Pool Payday” – Hidden Pixel Games, LLC

Check out this fun solitaire version of pool and try to beat your opponent! Receive bonus points for speed, ball positioning, and called pockets, and perform trick and bank shots for an extra boost. Take on the thrill of “Pool Payday” in head-to-head competitions, leagues, and tournaments. 

Big Match Money – FreshGames, LLC

Welcome to “Big Match Money,” a classic tap and match game! With exciting gameplay and colorful graphics, players can tap and match to collect diamonds and level up for the next score multiplier. Master speed and strategic tapping to dominate the game!

Real Money Word Search – ePlay Studios LTD

“Real Money Word Search” has been reimagined with a fresh, exciting twist. Race against the clock in this word search game, and compete head-to-head against players worldwide. You’ll love the new experience, gameplay, graphics, and more!

Scorpion Solitaire – Fliprix OU

In this classic solitaire game, the goal is to build four sequences down in a suit within the tableau, running from King to Ace. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of any sequence, and any face-up card in a tableau can be moved to make a build. Download this game for fun and simple gameplay, while perfecting your solitaire skill!