Skillz Developer Roundup: Five New Rockstars

Over the last few months, Skillz has been busy expanding its roster of games and developers to keep players engaged with exciting new content on our platform. We’ve got games for practically everyone! Here are five superstar game studios releasing some awesome new games for you to look forward to.

Monster Planet – “Jewel Doku” 

South Korea-based Monster Planet is developing quality titles that are both competitive and fun to play. Their latest game, Jewel Doku, is a brand new block puzzle game featuring deep strategy, tile clearing action, and exciting power-ups. Maximize your score by clearing the board, and earn bonus points and extra time by moving special tiles and filling zones! 

TopApp – “Toliti” 

TopApp is comprised of a highly experienced team of developers hailing from Slovenia dedicated to creating high-quality games. Their latest title “Toliti” is an exciting word game that trains your brain to think and learn faster as you play. With over 75 million downloads under their belt, they’re certainly a studio to keep an eye out for. 

Igamebank – “2 Minute Football”

A studio with over 15 years of experience developing games, Igamebank is delivering some of their most exciting new games yet. “2 Minute Football” puts you in the shoes of a star quarterback. Master your passing skills and overcome the opponent’s defenses to rack up as many points as you can! 

Quicksand Playground – “Texas Blitz”

Quicksand Playground is an ambitious studio that joined the Skillz family in 2017. With multiple successful titles already under their belt, Quicksand Playground’s upcoming game, “Texas Blitz,” is sure to keep its players coming back for more! 

Frame Perfect Gaming – “Chess Puzzle Blitz”

Frame Perfect Gaming’s latest title “Chess Puzzle Blitz” lets you compete in exciting chess battles with your friends or strangers. Solve interesting chess puzzles and compete for your place on the leaderboard by flexing your chess strategies!