Play from Home! – A Roundup of Fresh Skillz Games

Over the next few weeks, many of us may be spending more time indoors than originally planned. Here at Skillz, we’ve moved to a distributed workforce in a thoughtful manner, equipping our employees with the tools and support needed to continue their work seamlessly. 

However, this also means more time to explore awesome new games after work hours! We’ve included a list of some games that you might like to try out:


1. Big Hearts by Big Run Studios
Play three short rounds of Hearts with easy-to-learn tap and swipe controls, earning higher scores the faster you go! This game features beautiful graphics with lots of fun and fast gameplay.

2. CandyPrize by funkitron
Swipe and string together colorful pieces of candy in order to score points! You’ll have to think fast – you only have five minutes to put together the right moves and combinations. If you win with moves left over, you’ll get some sweet bonus points to add to your total.

3. Twenty48 Solitaire by Boston Trudeau Studios
Merge cards of the same value together and acquire the ultimate Twenty48 card! There’s all sorts of bonuses to unlock, dozens of themes to try, and a ton of awesome power ups like Wild Cards and Bomb Cards to play around with.

4. Bubble Cube 2 by Tether Studios

A fast and fun bubble shooter – match the colors and pop the bubbles to clear the board! A polished puzzle game that’s easy to pick up and enjoy, with smooth controls designed for competitive play. 



5. Tap N Merge Tournament by MONSTER PLANET
A deceptively simple game with deep and complex strategies that everyone can enjoy! Tap to move and merge the matching blocks in order to score points as quickly as possible. Be careful though – failing to merge the right blocks will generate new ones! 



6. Wordie by FreshGames
A thrilling word game featuring action-packed, three-minute rounds. Score awesome streaks by stringing together the words on each board. Use bonus multiplier tiles to your advantage and activate streak modes for even bigger bonuses.



7. Coin Craze by Human Soft
Match colorful potions to earn coins! Coins can be used to get more points, or even to increase the value of future coins. Utilize strategic bonuses like lightning and cascades at the right time to score some serious points!



8. Dragon Blast Tournament by Sharkbite Games                           Explore gorgeous 3D environments while solving colorful puzzles along the way! Cool characters and special effects await, along with fluid gameplay that’ll keep you coming back for more.



9. Farm Rivals by A Proper Job Games
A farming-themed block puzzler that’ll get you thinking! Work to place block-shaped pieces onto a huge variety of boards in order to score points by filling rows. Make sure to clear obstacles before harvesting!

10. 2 Minute Football by RMW Media Integration

Play as a star quarterback and score as many touchdowns as possible in two minutes. Consecutive completions and faster times will get you better scores!


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