Leaders of the Leaderboard: Mahip Vyas

Mahip Vyas is a Programmatic Lead on the User Acquisition team at Skillz. Mahip is also an amazing player and often on top of our leaderboards. We took some time to chat with Mahip to learn more about his favorite game, strategy and ways of playing.

Q: What is your Skillz username? Why did you choose it?
A: My username is MVSklz. It’s a combination of my initials and Skillz. I have been a member of the platform since May 2015.

Q: What Skillz powered game are you playing the most right now? Why do you love it?

A: While I enjoy competing in many games on Skillz, the one which I play most on my phone is Bubble Shooter Arena. Being a big fan of arcade games, I love the simplicity of this game. I enjoy being challenged head-on-head in this fast-paced, 3-minute game where strategy, precision, and fast fingers are what give you that edge over your competitor to clear the board, maximize the score, and rake in big bucks. 

Q: Any tips and tricks you learned along the way?
A: Pay attention to the accuracy of the aim while shooting the bubble and creating clusters of bubbles. Look out for special bubbles which give you double points, and skillfully use the bouncing walls to direct bubbles in the right spot.

Q: Tell us, what’s your highest score to date? 

A: 332,640

Q: How many games do you play on average every week?

A: Somewhere between 25-60 games per week.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about playing Skillz games?

A: I enjoy the thrill of 1-on-1 competition in live real-time games – where I can challenge my friends and win real world cash prizes. While staying at home during the pandemic, it was difficult to meet with friends in person. Interactions such as this gave us a sense of being close while still keeping that competitive spirit alive. And now that we all have such busy routines again, Skillz has empowered us to play snack-size competitive games in the digital world! 

Q: Can you tell us about an epic win you had on the platform?

A: Unlocking trophies of winnings of $1000 or more.

Q: Have you ever redeemed Ticketz? Which prize(s) did you choose?

A: I frequently redeem Ticketz for bonus cash and challenge my friends to play cash games.

Q: Is there another Skillz game you wish you could master?

A: Real time 8-ball pool matches in Pool Payday. The excitement level to play against another person in real-time is hard to describe, especially in Pool, and it takes a lot of practice to learn pool gameplay skills and master the tricks of the game.

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