Leaders of the leaderboard – Grace Tang

Meet Grace Tang, a Marketing Analyst on the Product team here at Skillz. Grace is also an amazing player and often at the top of our staff leaderboards! We took some time to chat with Grace to learn more about her favorite games, strategies, and ways of playing.

Q: What is your Skillz username? Why did you choose it?
A: My username is “gtang770”. “gtang” is just my first initial and last name. The “770” was from when I was playing Pokemon Go with my brother. I wanted a username that was already taken, so he came up with the number “770” to append to the end (as opposed to “007”). Since then, I’ve been using “770” as part of my identity.

Q: Which Skillz powered game are you playing the most right now? Why do you love it?
A: I really like puzzle games. At the moment, I’m playing a lot of Spider Solitaire Cash. As a kid I spent a lot of time playing Spider Solitaire on my family’s computer, so this brings a lot of nostalgia for me. Other Skillz favorites of mine include Sushi Drop Tournament, Cubie Dash Tournament, Block Blitz, Bubble Shooter Arena, Big Cooking, and Word Star.

Q: Any tips and tricks you learned along the way?
A: For Spider Solitaire Cash, I learned that it’s easier to move the cards in the central piles if you swipe sideways (left-right vs. up-down). The timer also does not set off until you touch the cards, so you can actually spend some time visualizing potential combos before taking action.

Q: Tell us, what’s your highest score to date?
A: It depends on the game, but for Spider Solitaire Cash, my highest score is 7,806. For Bubble Shooter Arena, my highest score is 440,040. They’re very different games, so the scoring is drastically different!

Q: How many games do you play on average every week?
A: It varies from week to week depending on what I have going on at work or in my personal life. This past month, I’ve been averaging about 215 games/week. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about playing Skillz games?
A:  I like how I can pick them up and put them down at any time because of how short the games are (though oftentimes they are very hard to put down, since they are so fun!). I also like how there are no ads, so it’s quite streamlined to go from one tournament to the next.

Q: Can you tell us about an epic win you had on the platform?
A: I felt really satisfied the first time I made a perfect run in the Cubie Dash Tournament!

Q: Have you ever redeemed Ticketz? Which prize(s) did you choose?
A: I currently have 1.9 Million tickets, and I’m planning to buy some Skillz Swag for me and my fiancé.

Q: Is there another Skillz game you wish you could master?
A: Block Blitz. I really enjoy that game, but I have yet to master it! I often gridlock myself and end up running out of moves before the timer goes out. Hopefully one day I can pick up some good strategies and rack up some points!

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