Integrate the Latest Skillz SDK: Harness the Improved Rewards System to Maximize Player Engagement & Monetization

The latest Skillz SDK includes a suite of new and improved features that makes Skillz games more rewarding for developers and players.

Skillz provides game developers the platform, tools, and support services to achieve financial independence with higher player engagement, retention and revenue. Every game developer knows you can’t reach success without a happy user base. As a result, we’re always striving to uplevel the player experience by tuning and adding high-quality features to our software development kit (SDK). The latest Skillz SDK includes a suite of new and improved features that makes Skillz games more rewarding for developers and players. 

A More Alluring Store

The latest Store experience provides players more visibility into rewards and loyalty features, drawing more users to games while improving engagement and retention. Players can now view their Ticketz from the store, driving up Ticketz Store views by 30% and Trophy screen views by 100%.

Login Bonus

A login bonus rewards players with Ticketz, Bonus Cash & Z, which can increase new user D7 retention by 15%. All rewards are customizable by player segment, which improves the VIP experience with larger rewards. Furthermore, the login bonus is located on the Store, meaning players are more likely to check out LTOs and Bonus Cash deposit offers.

Android Updates

UI and UX improvements on Android provide a smoother and snappier gaming experience with a 99.5% crash-free session rate. We’ve also updated the Android Back Button behavior to be more aligned with standard Android behavior so users have a more intuitive experience navigating our SDK.

OTA-Enabled SDK

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates provide the delivery of selected features without developers needing to resubmit to the App Store. These updates also ensure steady improvements to the player experience with fewer integration costs.

Coming Soon… Trophies 2.0 

Trophies 2.0 will feature a visually refreshing full-screen takeover upon earning a Trophy to make players truly feel they’ve earned a reward. Trophies will be customized by player type, bringing a unique trophy experience to every player. With more attention on Trophies, players will be even more engaged and compete in more matches.

Onward and Upward!

If you’re a game developer looking to update to the latest Skillz SDK and provide an even better experience for your players, follow the easy steps in our developer console. Feel free to reach out to with any additional questions. As always, thanks for being a valued Skillz Partner.