How to Create a Successful Bubble Shooter Game

In the world of mobile gaming, Bubble Shooter is an incredibly popular genre. In a crowded, competitive mobile gaming market, what do you need to know about creating and launching a Bubble Shooter? We’ll discuss some of the most pertinent information on this highly-engaging sub-genre. 

Bubble Shooter History 

Before we get into the creation of a Bubble Shooter game, we’d like to share a brief history of the genre. Bubble Shooters are based on the “Puzzle Bobble” arcade game released by Taito in 1994. The first Bubble Shooter game, created in 2002, was ported to iOS in 2010 and Android in 2012. With the rise of the mobile phone and highly accessible casual gaming, Bubble Shooter games have grown in popularity and success. The object of the game is simple and engaging: clear the playing field by forming groups of three or more same-colored bubbles. 

Why is the Genre Successful?

Considering the history of Bubble Shooters, we can conclude that the genre has staying power. It was popular in 1994 as an arcade game, and it has only grown more successful since. Bubble Shooters are uncomplicated, yet exciting puzzle games. Players must strategize and think, but it is relatively easy to learn the game and improve technique. 

Another key reason that Bubble Shooter games are so popular is that the gameplay is very accessible to a large player audience. As casual games require minimum previous gaming experience and are relatively easy-to-learn, the number of players across a diverse player demographics are eager to discover this type of content. With Bubble-Shooter’s falling squarely in the casual genre, there is solid player demand for new and exciting content.

Creating a Bubble Shooter

There are tons of games in the Bubble Shooter sub-genre in the iOS App Store. In this crowded market, you’ll need to create a crisp-looking game to make it successful. First, ensure that your target audience is correct. While gaming has historically appealed to largely male and young generations, hyper-casual mobile games tend to attract middle-aged women. Confirm that creative and messaging are correct for your audience in order to have a solid Install to Deposit ratio. 

Remember that a great game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Make the gameplay engaging and simple, yet challenging enough so that the player must learn and improve over time. In designing your Bubble Shooter game, ensure visual clarity for the player. Use high-contrast color combinations and consider giving each color of an item a distinct texture or shape. 

Spend time polishing the core game loop, using visuals and sound effects to celebrate winning moments. This will help maximize the likelihood of repeat play. Offer power-ups, increase the value of large matches, or give players a creative objective to create more game depth. 

All of these things considered, your Bubble Shooter game needs to be unique. Ask yourself: What will set my game apart in this content-flooded genre? What will motivate players to keep coming back?

Bubble Shooters on the Skillz Platform

One way to set your Bubble Shooter game apart from the rest is to make the game competitive. With the Skillz platform, you can position your game on a competitive tournament system where users play against others of equal skill. 

Bubble Shooters work well on the Skillz platform. If you’re interested in seeing how Skillz can help you launch and monetize your mobile game, then check out our Developer Console to download the newest SDK.