How Skillz Helps Brands Level Up

With 2.6 billion global smartphone users, the market for mobile is massive and still growing. Consumers seem to have a limitless appetite for mobile entertainment and information, from news updates to video games. 

Younger mobile-first Millennials and Gen Zers are more comfortable than previous generations with self-education and an ad hoc style of media consumption. As existing brands look beyond the confines of traditional advertising to broaden their digital footprint, companies are turning to Skillz, the leading mobile esports platform, to help build experiences that can uplevel brand awareness and engagement. 

Skillz connects players around the world in fair, fun and meaningful gameplay, enhancing the user journey by monetizing content through immersive competitive experiences instead of the intrusive advertising methods common in media for decades.  

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the worldwide leader in bowling entertainment, Bowlero Corp, is teaming up with Skillz to launch a branded Skillz-powered mobile game called Strike! By Bowlero. The partnership opens up new opportunities for the bowling phenom to grow their digital footprint, unlock new revenue streams, and extend the relationship with their customers beyond the limits of their physical locations.

In announcing the partnership, Lev Ekster, Vice President of Business Development at Bowlero Corp and COO of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) commented, “We’re thrilled to partner with the leader in competitive mobile games and to be the first in our own entertainment sphere to launch such an exciting esports product. With Strike! By Bowlero, we can maintain and strengthen the connection to our center guests even when they are not on the lanes.”

Strike! By Bowlero and the Bowlero partnership mark Skillz’ first branded mobile experience, designed to gamify the Bowlero user relationship and add a mobile dimension to the sport of bowling. Skillz has previously leveraged its platform to help charitable organizations like the American Cancer Society and World Wildlife Fund raise revenue through mobile tournaments. Nonprofit partners have acquired new donors by tapping Skillz millions of players, found new revenue channels through paid competitive tournaments, and boosted donor engagement through gamification. 

Supported by a nationwide marketing effort across its venues in North America, Bowlero will encourage its customers to download the mobile game and compete for prizes and bonuses at Bowlero centers, creating a rewarding physical-to-digital experience for bowlers on and off the lanes.

By teaming up, Bowlero not only gains access to the Skillz platform’s 30 million mobile gamers but can also offer their existing customers a continuous brand experience that transcends the boundaries of physical bowling alleys. 

Andrew Paradise, CEO and founder of Skillz summed up the collaboration: “As the offline and online worlds collide, partnerships like the one we’ve created with Bowlero are how Skillz is helping to define the future of entertainment.”