How Games Spark Productivity & Creativity in the Workplace

Having the opportunity to play games throughout the day is one of the many benefits of working at Skillz. Whether we’re in our offices or working remotely, playing games helps our team remain in touch with our product, stay engaged, and keep our creativity flowing. 



Many of us enjoy games both in and out of work. Skillzians engage with our core product on a daily basis, which ensures we understand how to best optimize every aspect of the platform we’re building. Employees are even recognized during our all-hands meetings each week for winning internal employee competitions.

The games we play aren’t just for entertainment or testing purposes, however. Video games have also been shown to improve creativity. As a company transforming the face of digital entertainment, thinking out of the box is a daily routine for us – something that games can help us do better. Gamifying problems and processes have also been shown to help overcome challenges, helping us be more productive. By engaging with games daily, we’re helping our minds build new and unique solutions to any obstacles we encounter. 

Collaborative games have also been shown to improve office productivity and cross-functional capabilities. Skillz fosters a company culture that encourages employees to enjoy games together both during and after work. Skillzians often connect by playing video games like “Super Smash Brothers” and “Mario Kart” during lunch breaks, board games at weekly game nights, and an even wider variety of games through platforms like Discord once the workday is over.



Playing games regularly helps us further the core Skillz mission of making gaming better by improving both our teamwork and overall productivity. In the current environment that requires many of us to work remotely, it’s also a powerful tool to help employees stay connected and engaged with both our product and one another.