Honoring the Freedom to Choose

Dear Skillzians, 

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a major decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing the U.S. Constitutional right to abortion that was upheld for almost half a century. 

This decision has implications on a profound level. Not only does it bring significant uncertainty and complexities from both a legal and policy perspective as we navigate various laws across the U.S., but also on a personal level – questioning the very core of our rights and freedom of choice.

With a mission to maximize human achievement through competition, we generally, as a company, seek not to engage in political issues. However in this case, we see it as a healthcare issue, and a basic human right we must address.

At Skillz, we believe that access to healthcare and protection of reproductive rights is critical to our humanity, our communities, our industry, our economy – and most importantly, our progress toward equality. With our value of honor in mind, I am deeply passionate about supporting the diverse perspectives and needs of our people. 

In light of this decision, we’ll be expanding our benefits offerings for U.S. full-time Skillzians, effective immediately. We will continue to support equitable access to healthcare, which is why we will do everything we can under the law to support you – our Skillzians – in accessing healthcare regardless of where you live across the U.S. Specifically, we’re updating our benefits policy to cover travel expenses for employees who choose to have an abortion and live in a state where they are prohibited.

We’re committed to taking care of our Skillzians, and bringing out the best in everyone. We believe that achieving your best starts with the freedom of choice.

Andrew Paradise

CEO, Skillz Inc.