ESZPlay: Bringing Dreams into Reality

By Josh Lamont, Co-Founder of ESZPlay Studios

An Eye for Polish

I developed a keen eye for design when I began my career as a graphic artist. Little did I know that my creative passion for polished projects would lead me towards the exciting path of game development and the creation of ESZPlay Studios with co-founder Matthew Skinner in 2017.

Cultivating our Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit began when Matt and I created board and PC games a decade ago. However, as we observed the mobile gaming market, we quickly realized the massive opportunity to reach wider audiences and shifted our focus. We were also very aware that finding breakout success could be challenging in such a saturated landscape. 

We first learned of Skillz through GDC (Game Developers Conference) and decided to experiment with it through our initial games, Math Guru and Turbo Typing. It was exciting to be able to easily incorporate the Skillz SDK and know that our games could reach millions of players. That’s when we decided to focus on developing games primarily for the Skillz platform. Through several great learning experiences from our earlier titles, our studio conceived a hit game, Jewel Blitz

Sparking Inspiration 

Jewel Blitz was inspired by Cube Cube. It features a unique board design and style for scoring making the game visually striking and structurally different. We incorporated the qualities that resonated from our earlier titles and paid close attention to player feedback to ensure the gameplay loop remained fresh, engaging and interesting for players. 

Sharpening Tools for Success

ESZPlay continues seeking innovative ways to create fun new games. We gain inspiration from other successful Skillz developers who creatively add game mechanics with tournament play and consider concepts for our newer games. Creating a polished game isn’t an exact science – instead, it takes a considerable amount of time, dedication and experimentation. 

Game development is a labor of love – that’s why it’s beneficial to connect with other experts in the industry for tips and best practices. The Skillz Developer Relations team has been a phenomenal resource. With over 20,000 developer partners, they provide valuable insight and highlight opportunities that we may not have considered. In many ways, a developer’s success is a Skillz success, so it’s wise to trust their valuable feedback on how to optimize your game.