Bringing the Skillz Team Together (Virtually)

Each quarter, Skillzians are encouraged to spend time out of the office with their teams, allowing for greater collaboration, communication, teamwork, and balance. 


Prior to COVID-19, the Skillz Family typically did activities ranging from escape rooms to pottery classes within our local communities of San Francisco, Portland, and Las Vegas. When we first moved to a distributed workforce in March, our teams were eager to continue bonding as a company.


According to the Harvard Business Review, close friendships at work have been known to boost employee satisfaction by 50%. As more companies move to being fully remote and “water cooler chats” are less feasible, virtual team building activities will be an imperative part of the workplace experience.


For our first quarter fully remote, each team at Skillz got to participate in a virtual bonding activity. From terrarium building to tiny campfires to paint-by-numbers, teams came together while still remaining physically distant at home. 

If you’re interested in joining the fun, check out our open positions!