Advancing Our Vision of Gaming for Good with the First Skillz Day of Service!

Joining Forces to Give Back to Our Community

At Skillz, we believe that giving back and investing in our community is a moral imperative. In that spirit, we recently set aside time for San Francisco employees to participate in our first Day of Service. 

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the homeless population has grown 17% in 2019 to more than 8,000 people. The Bay Area’s homeless crisis ranks among the worst in the country as people face daily struggles, from fighting addiction and mental illness to finding reliable work and affordable housing. Skillz whole-heartedly believes in providing access to equal opportunity for all, from our game developers to our employees and those living just beyond our doors.

Employees broke out into six different groups to volunteer at non-profit organizations in the Tenderloin including Glide Memorial, Project Open Hand, SF City Impact, St. Anthony’s Foundation, Raphael House, and Hamilton Families. Each group participated in various activities including delivering meals, bagging groceries, beautifying gardens, packing hygiene kits, and organizing toys. 

SF City Impact is an organization that empowers urban children to excel academically, physically, spiritually, and socially. Skillz volunteers assembled and delivered 60+ meals to older adults, packed nearly 100 meals on top of that, and set up for the organization’s eighth-grade graduation. 



Hamilton Families supports families through programs designed to prevent homelessness, including providing shelter and stability, return them to permanent housing, and aid the well-being of children experiencing homelessness. Skillz volunteers cleaned and organized the kids’ playroom, in addition to sorting hundreds of donations for the 80+ children and their families living onsite. 



Glide Memorial has served the Tenderloin and San Francisco since 1963 by providing vital food, housing, healthcare, and family services. In just 2 hours, Skillz volunteers contributed the equivalent of 22 hours of work (talk about efficiency!), packaging 3,250 personal hygiene items into 650 hygiene kits for distribution to those in need. 



Project Open Hand provides medically tailored food and services for those living with AIDS/HIV, as well as critical illnesses like breast cancer and diabetes. Skillz volunteers packed 1,334 meals of tilapia and 400 servings of oatmeal for clients battling chronic illnesses. 

St. Anthony’s feeds, clothes, heals, and uplifts the spirits of San Franciscans in need. Skillz volunteers provided assistance to 18 families and sorted 100+ bags of clothing to serve 600+ people.

Raphael House strengthens bonds between low-income families, as well as families experiencing homelessness, by helping them achieve stable housing and financial independence. Skillz volunteers beautified the rooftop garden, along with decorating and wrapping gifts for the monthly birthday party celebrating the children living there. 

After volunteering in small groups throughout the community, we reconvened as a team to debrief and share memorable experiences with one another. We look forward to nurturing our relationships with these organizations and diversifying how we give back in the future. If you share our values around the importance of giving back to the local community, check out our open positions and apply now!