5 Essential Working From Home Tips

During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a global shift all over the world as people work together remotely. For many, working from home is a new change that has taken some getting used to. 

Last week, Skillz hosted a virtual panel discussion regarding best practices for work from home for our management team. Featuring various leaders of distributed teams across the company, the panel was a time for everyone to connect, share advice, and learn best practices of managing individuals during this time.

We’ve gathered some resources below from our panel to help others maintain collaboration, productivity, and balance – all values that Skillz honors at our core.


Tip #1: Try to keep a normal routine and schedule.

Although you may not be commuting to work anymore, it’s important to keep up a morning routine. Starting your day off right with breakfast, exercise, or meditation will allow you to transition into your work day. 

It’s helpful to maintain a schedule for you, your children, or any one else in your home. When everyone is together, it can be easy to become distracted or lose sense of time. Keeping a normal schedule will allow you to stay productive, manage your time, and stay balanced.


Tip #2: Utilize your technology and over communicate.

Just because everyone is remote, doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate. Use your technology – whether Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. – to communicate with your team often. Establish a collaboration process by over communicating your expectations.


Tip #3: Like oxygen masks on a plane, help yourself before helping others. 

As a leader it’s important to prepare to be present for your peers, team, direct reports, and yourself – and it’s even more critical in a crisis. Check in on people and ask if they are ok, if they have supplies, if their families are well, etc. It’s important to take time for yourself and prepare your mind to help others during this time. Now more than ever is a time to empathize with the greater world, but don’t forget to prioritize your wellbeing.


Tip #4: Stay focused.

As we live in a world of ongoing distractions, starting and focusing on tasks is becoming harder. Some people prefer meeting-less mornings – organizing their day around “deep work” timeboxes. According to a UC Irvine study, it takes us about 23 mins to get back to the task. Use the Pomodoro method. Here is a cool timer you can use.


Tip #5: Lastly, play Skillz games to keep your mind sharp.

Mobile games are a great source of connection, distraction, engagement, and socialization during these difficult times. In a world of 2.6 billion mobile gamers, the Skillz platform allows you to compete head-to-head, chat with your friends, and connect across the globe. Playing mobile games will help keep your mind active during isolation, and allow for a fun break in your day.