Founded on Fairness

A letter to our community

We founded Skillz with one mission: to bring out the best in everyone through competition. And, from the beginning, that mission was anchored in our commitment to fairness on our platform. With fair play, every player is empowered to compete, play and win. Without it, competition is meaningless. That is true for every aspect of life, both in the real world and the digital world.

As pioneers and leaders in our space, we have witnessed hundreds of real-cash games that have infiltrated the app stores. An increasing number of these games use bots, directly defrauding players of their money by making them believe they are being matched with real players. That is not just a scam, it is illegal. We can’t standby and let this happen.

At Skillz, we take our responsibility to provide a safe, trustworthy space for competition, very seriously. As such, we feel it is our duty to ensure fairness and a positive experience not only for our players, but throughout the entire industry. That’s why we are committed to rooting out and eradicating cheaters, bad players and bots, wherever they hide. And we won’t stop until we’ve restored competitive gameplay, that we worked so hard to build, to its former standing.

And for our part, you can be sure we will continue to: employ proprietary technology to ensure fair matching and eliminate cheating; only work with trusted pay partners to protect your money and information; and only match you against real human opponents of equal skill. No unfair bots, not ever. When you play a Skillz-powered game, you can be sure the competition is real, and so are your chances of winning. Because without you, our players, we are nothing. Thank you for your continued support, and happy gaming!

Andrew Paradise
CEO, Skillz