UFC & Skillz Game Partnership

Launch the Next Round of Competitive UFC Mobile Games

Unleash the thrill of competition with UFC and Skillz! UFC & Skillz are excited to invite developers to build a new UFC branded game designed to bring out the competitor in all of us. In this unique game opportunity, developers will have the opportunity to build a competitive mobile game.

Unique developer benefits

Worldwide use of UFC brand,
marks and athletes

Co-promotion of your game
by Skillz and UFC

Marketing investment &
strategy to launch your game

Expert feedback from
the Skillz game design team

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Bring to life the next UFC branded mobile game to keep UFC fans connected and engaged anywhere! This is not a challenge. Multiple games can be selected to launch on the Skillz platform incorporating UFC marks, so if you have more than one great idea, submit more than one proposal!

  • Games must effectively leverage the Skillz competition platform. All game monetization must operate through the Skillz competition platform.
  • The games must be published exclusively on iOS and Android
  • Only skill-based games will be considered; not games of chance
  • Gameplay cannot include interactive fighting whereby athletes are directly engaged in punching, kicking or other forms of direct fighting. Gameplay cannot include poker. That aside, the potential is infinite – let the creativity begin!
  • Up to three-year license
  • See the Official Rules for full details


While developers can submit proposals through a rolling proposal process for the UFC-branded games, the first submission period is specifically targeted to teams who can develop and launch a UFC-branded game on or before April 1, 2023.

Developers who are unable to submit ideas for the first submission period, may choose to submit proposals at any point after August 22, 2022 with ongoing evaluation windows open every three months. Please note, there will be no guaranteed extension of UFC marks usage beyond the initial license period for games submitted after the first submission period.

First Submission Period Now – 8/22/22*

Developers conceptualize a game and submit a proposal via the Skillz Developer Console or via email at UFCgame@skillz.com by 8/22/22:

  • Open to all developers
  • Mock-ups, visuals and/or storyboard highly encouraged, but not required
  • Best proposals selected by Skillz and UFC will be invited to advance to Game Development Phase

* Timing specifically targeted to launch a game on or before 4/1/23 and will be given priority review. Please see more details under the Rolling Proposal Phase section if you would like to submit outside the first submission timeframe.

Game Development Phase September to 3/28/23

Developers build selected game(s) outlined in their proposals, incorporating feedback from the Skillz Game Design Team.

  • Developers design, build and deliver a mobile game on Skillz competition platform that is playable on both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Monthly check-ins with Skillz mentors will be scheduled to ensure development is on track and so that Skillz mentors can provide additional guidance

Soft Launch Phase 4/1/23 – 5/31/23

Some games selected will be launched throughout this window to assess overall quality and performance.

  • Skillz will run user acquisition and testing
  • Games will incorporate use of UFC marks into their games, subject to the Developer executing the appropriate sub-license with Skillz, governing its use of the UFC marks

Hard Launch 6/1/23 or later

Developers will focus on optimizing and iterating on their games in preparation for general market rollout.

  • Enhancing game performance
  • Fine tuning UX
  • Optimizing gameplay to work with the Skillz platform

Rolling Proposal Phase
To provide the utmost flexibility for Developers and bolster creativity, Skillz will be accepting rolling proposal submissions beyond the first submission cutoff date of August 22, 2022 on an ongoing basis so feel free to submit a great idea at any point using the Skillz Game Proposal Template and emailing your proposal to UFCgame@skillz.com.

About UFC


UFC has revolutionized the fight business and today stands as a premium global sports brand, media content company and the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider in the world.


  • 688M Worldwide Fans
  • 900M TV Households Reached Worldwide
  • 590+ Total Events Around the World
  • 155M Social Media Followers
  • Always on Sports Presence


  • 660+ Athletes
  • 75+ Countries Represented
  • 16 Counties Have Been Represented by Champions

More details on UFC can be found HERE

About Skillz

What Makes A Great Skillz Game?

Skillz is a proprietary competition platform that mobile game developers can easily integrate into their games. The Skillz SDK contains the account, tournament, rewards and social systems already built-in, so devs can focus on creating amazing gameplay and get to market quicker.

The action is fun. The competition is fierce. And above all, the game is FAIR!

Gameplay that’s easy to learn, but challenging to master, so players can onboard quickly and still increase in skill after many weeks of competition

An intuitive, compelling gameplay loop that encourages active users to play 10+ games a day

Two to four minutes of exciting gameplay per match, packed with memorable moments, interesting strategic options and challenging tests of skill

Excellent production quality and appealing, thematically appropriate art to provide players with a highly-polished gameplay experience

Deep variety of in-game setups to ensure that each match presents players with a fresh challenge

Getting Started

Skillz Developer Console   •   Developer Documentation
See Developer Requirements section for eligibility requirements
For all other inquiries, contact UFCgame@skillz.com


See the Official Rules for full details.

What is the UFC & Skillz Developer Opportunity?

The UFC & Skillz Developer Opportunity is designed to provide developer communities an opportunity to make their mark and bring a best-in-class UFC competitive mobile game to market. Elevate your developer career with a chance to launch a new mobile game, using UFC licensing rights, and access to industry pros and Skillz game and platform specialists.

What does the Proposal Phase of the UFC x Skillz opportunity entail?

In the Proposal Phase, participants will conceptualize a game and submit a proposal using the provided Skillz Game Proposal Template. This phase is open for one month, followed by a one-month review to determine which teams move on to the next phase. Each developer/studio may submit just one proposal. All proposals should be sent to the following email alias UFCgame@skillz.com using the provided template that can be found HERE.

How will the Proposal Submissions be evaluated?

Game proposals will be evaluated based on how well the anticipated gameplay fits the Skillz competitive gameplay format such as, the impact of the art style, depth of content, anticipated ease of UI/controls, integrated and approved use of UFC branding and the strength of the Developer/Studio’s prior portfolio.

What does the Game Development Phase entail?

In the Game Development Phase, participants will build the game outlined in their proposal. Developers who are selected for game development will receive monthly check-ins with the Skillz team to provide mentorship and troubleshoot obstacles.

What does the Soft Launch Phase of my game entail?

In the Soft Launch Phase, Skillz will monitor performance and qualitatively review games to identify performance and game iterations to improve overall game KPIs. UFC and desired athletes’ likeness are expected to be fully integrated at this point.

What type of developers qualify for the UFC and Skillz branded game launch opportunity?

All developers that meet the Skillz requirements to launch in-platform games are qualified to participate in this unique opportunity.

Are there any specific game submission criteria or restrictions?

Gameplay cannot include interactive fighting whereby athletes are directly engaged in punching, kicking or other forms of direct fighting. Gameplay cannot include poker. That aside, the potential is infinite – let the creativity begin!

What other items cannot be included in my game?

  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Tobacco
  • Vulgarity
  • Use of illicit substances
  • Nudity/Semi-nudity
  • Sexual content
  • Violent content
  • Political statements/expressions

Official Rules

By submitting its proposal, Developer’s participation in this opportunity constitutes each Developer’s full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of all terms and conditions of these Official Rules and the Developer Terms and Conditions of Use. Developer acknowledges, understands and expressly agrees that neither Skillz nor the UFC has any obligation to select or grant any Developer an official sub-license. Additionally, neither the UFC nor Skillz shall have any liability whatsoever for any costs incurred by Developers in the creation or submission of its proposal.

Developer Requirements

By submitting its proposal, Developer’s represents and warrants that it:

  • Will be able to meet the timelines specified above
  • Agrees to the Developer Terms and Conditions of Service
  • Has a registered developer account with Skillz (register at developers.skillz.com)
  • Is located in a country other than the Balkans, the Crimea Region of the Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and otherwise not located where prohibited by law, which includes any country under U.S. export controls or sanctions (see https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/office-of-foreign-assets-control-sanctions-programs-and-information)
  • Is, and all submissions are and shall be in compliance with all applicable laws
  • Will not disparage any UFC Sponsor or any other person or party
  • Is the sole and exclusive owner of the submission and all content included therein, and that the Developer and all submissions do not and shall not violate the rights of any third party

Email inquiries to UFCgame@skillz.com