Monetize Your Mobile Game Using Skillz eSports Tournament Platform

Increase your retention, engagement, and revenue with the Skillz SDK

For too many game developers, game monetization comes at the expense of the player experience. Skillz breaks down that barrier by providing a competitive tournament management system that not only increases player engagement, retention and ARPDAU, but it also adds to overall player satisfaction. The free, full-stack Skillz Software Development Kit (SDK) includes everything developers need to transform their mobile game into a fun and profitable competitive eSport.

Boost Player Engagement

Boost Player Engagement

Enhance the user experience by enabling players to compete in head-to-head matches, leaderboards, and live tournaments.

Improve Retention Rates

Improve Retention Rates

Increase user retention through push notifications, referral bonus programs, loyalty perks and rewarding players with real world prizes.

Uncover a New Revenue Stream

Uncover a New Revenue Stream

Utilize the newest mobile game monetization model, without disrupting revenue generation from your main SKU.

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Integrate the Skillz SDK with multiplayer features and built-in
monetization to become a force in eSports

Turnkey eSports for Everyone™

Skillz seamlessly integrates into your game and handles all aspects of tournament management. Players can compete in head-to-head matches, leaderboards, and bracketed tournaments — all while earning Skillz loyalty perks.

Confidence of Fair Competition

Ensure fairness in every single tournament with the Skillz suite of fairness tools, including the skill rating system, player matching, and fraud investigations.

Reward Your Most Loyal Players

Retain and reward  your most loyal players with trophies and ticketz. Ticketz are earned in every match and can be used to redeem real world prizes in the store.


Re-Engage Your Players with Push Notifications

Ping your players with game results, promotional offers, and time-sensitive actions. Our latest SDK increases push notification collection by an estimated 50%.

A Seamless and Trustworthy Payment System

Players can connect their preferred payment method to deposit to enter into pro tournaments.  We incentivize higher deposits with Bonus Cash, enabling an effective monetization model.

Connect Your Players Socially

Get more matches for your game with Player Chat & Friends Tournaments. With Chat, your players can share tips, tricks, and bragging rights. *For qualifying games only.


Average ARPDAU increase publishers get from adding Skillz to their games


Average increase in D30 retention for games that integrate Skillz


Minutes each user spends playing Skillz games on average each day


Players on the Skillz platform, looking for new games to compete in


Minutes of Skillz tournament footage live-streamed in 2017


What it costs to use Skillz in your games

Tether Plays Cards Right with Competitive Solitaire Cube



65 MIN




“With the Skillz platform, we were easily able to add a competitive spin to Solitaire Cube that, in turn, increased our monetization and provided an ad-free experience for our users.”

Tim and Ether O’Neil of Tether Studios

Touch Mechanics Bowls a Perfect Game with Strike! Bowling








“We’re still amazed that something this easy to integrate can produce such incredible results. It’s safe to say that we’ll be adding the Skillz platform to our other games. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how this solution did not exist before.”

Carl Crossley, Co-Founder of Touch Mechanics