Co-op Opportunities at Skillz

Here at Skillz, we offer students full-time, paid work experience directly related to a student’s field of study and career interests. During the duration of their time here, students are given the opportunity to be full-time Skillzians and are held to the same standards and expectations as other employees. This includes participating in daily team meetings and directly working on important projects and product developments. These co-ops are available at our headquarters in San Francisco, California.

We offer a six-month-long co-op during both the Spring Semester (January- June) and Fall Semester (July- December). We believe that this amount of time allows students to fully immerse themselves in our company and gain increased knowledge, skills, and experiences. Currently, we offer our co-op opportunities to students at the following universities:

  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Northeastern University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology

If you have any questions or if you are interested in partnering with Skillz to offer this opportunity to your students, please contact

Experience at Skillz

“I like the people and that every day I can come into work and feel challenged and learn something new.”

“It’s the best decision I could’ve made for my future career – working at Skillz has given me so many opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to get elsewhere.”

Life at Skillz

Co-op Open Positions