Earn money. Hook your audience. Stand out from the crowd.

Host and Stream Mobile eSport Tournaments in your Channel

Make Money

Make Money

With steady monthly payments of up to $1000, performance bonuses, profit sharing, and much more, make a living from your stream.

Reel in Subs

Reel in Subs

Keep viewers 4x longer and grow your brand with free mobile eSports tournaments and real prizes that we provide.

Stand Out- Don't Sell Out

Stand Out- Don't Sell Out

You control the tournament. Skillz Arena fits with your existing content to boost your channel – not take it over.

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What is Skillz Arena?

Pick a game, select your tournament, play with your viewers.

Skillz Arena

Real Prizes on Us

Tournaments need prizes! We give you up to $1,000/month in viewer prizes. You decide how many places get paid-we take care of the rest.

Built-In Tournaments

Our technology is built right into the games. All your viewers have to do is download the app, enter your code and start playing!

Dynamic Overlays

Our tournament overlay shows your viewers instructions, prizes, a live leaderboard, and replays, without taking over your stream!

Simple Controls

You’re the host. Control the leaderboard, replays, and everything else with a few clicks — or kick back and roll with auto-play.

Quick Set-Up

Sign up, choose a game, set up your tournament, and throw our tournament overlay into OBS – all in less than 5 minutes.

Free to Play

Viewers can enter your tournaments for free as many times as they want by viewing an ad, or pay a small entry fee that goes right to you.

Why Stream Skillz Arena?

You shouldn’t have to sell out just to earn money. We built Skillz Arena so you can have an awesome channel, happy viewers, and get paid for streaming.

Skillz Arena

We spoil our Partners. With monthly payments, performance bonuses, free prizes, system credit, merchandize, and more, you’ll make out like bandit.

Viewers watch more than 2x longer when there’s a Skillz Arena tournament on. So don’t worry about that “pit stop” – your viewers will be right where you left them.

Shout outs
Show your viewers some love. Give them more by showing their names, scores and prizes on screen. If they’re lucky, you might even show their replay!

Join us on the bleeding edge of eSports. Our 12 million players are waiting for you. Don’t let other streamers beat you to it.

Who doesn’t like free money? Viewers in your channel get to compete for real prizes that keep them coming back for more (and juice up their subscriber budgets).

Viewers come to your channel to interact with you, each other, and to check out the action. Give them all three with your own private eSports tournaments

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