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Wounded Warrior Project Event: 2,000+ Players Supported Our Troops Through Skillz Games!



Last month, in honor of Memorial Day and the countless sacrifices made by our armed forces, we held a special live charity tournament in three Skillz games. $1 of each entry fee was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that empowers injured veterans by providing free programs and services to help address their needs.

In a 24-hour period, Skillz players were able to compete in their choice of three games – Bubble Shooter, Cube Cube, or Strike! Bowling – as many times as they wanted, for an enjoyable opportunity to support our troops. We also provided the option for players who felt extra giving to redeem their Skillz loyalty Ticketz for additional donations.

While our focus was on raising money for charity, we also wanted to make sure the winners received some awesome Skillz swag for their generous participation. Here’s the full breakdown of the top five prizes:

  • 1st: Skillz hoodie
  • 2nd: Skillz t-shirt
  • 3rd: Skillz hat
  • 4th: Skillz socks
  • 5th: Skillz coasters

The event was a huge success – together, we raised a total of $2,266 across all three games! Also, $65 of those donations were from redeemed Ticketz alone! Are Skillz players charitable or what?

Congratulations to these ultimate charity champions: Chris_930 for Bubble Shooter, Goldenstroke for Cube Cube, and Bahubali777 for Strike! Bowling. Thanks to you three and the thousands of other players who participated, we were able to make a hefty contribution to this great cause.

We’ll regularly be hosting many more events with an array of must-win prizes, so keep an eye out for future Skillz tournaments! In the meantime, check out Bubble Shooter, Cube Cube, Strike! Bowling, and other fun games at