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Top Tips For Successful Mobile Game Development

With 2.6 billion mobile gamers hungry for fresh content, tons of game developers are producing an explosion of new titles. In recent years, mobile game development has transitioned from a strictly big studio undertaking to include an increasing number of indie developers.

Nevertheless, individual game developers and small studios face omnipresent challenges. Large brand-name studios are pouring tens of thousands of dollars into game development and design – and even before development is complete, these studios are running large-scale marketing campaigns to gain traction.

So as an indie developer or smaller studio, how can you best prepare to develop a stellar game? Here are some of our top tips to think about when undertaking the development, launch, and marketing of a new game:

In addition to these steps, many game developers need to make consistent game updates to maintain continuous growth of both player engagement and retention. However, a competitive mobile game powered by Skillz doesn’t require nearly as much post-launch support as most games. Skillz-powered games frequently see retention and engagement curves that steadily grow over time, with minimal changes to the game. The result? Indie developers can move on to new mobile game development projects without having to spend valuable resources on endless game iterations.

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