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Skillzians Talk eSports and Engineering at Cal Poly

Mike Yorg, our Director of Server Engineering, is constantly looking for opportunities to mentor students who want to enter the fields of video games, eSports, or engineering. He is passionate about educating students on the variety of different roles available in these industries, and loves helping them find their niche in the world of gaming and technology.

To this end, Mike regularly visits his alma mater, California Polytechnic State University, to speak to aspiring developers and engineers about eSports and gaming ethics. During his most recent trip, he returned to Cal Poly with Cross-Platform SDK Engineer Gabby Firmacion. The two spoke to the members of the Game Development Club and Mobile App Club about the many functionalities of the Skill platform, building user interfaces in React-Native (a cross-platform coding language), and what it’s like to work with third-party game studios in their Skillz integrations.

Skillzians speaking about the Skillz platform and mobile app development Skillzians speaking about the Skillz platform and mobile app development
Mike and Gabby speaking about the Skillz platform and mobile app development

I’m very thankful that Skillz gives me the opportunity to share my personal experiences as an engineer in mobile eSports,” said Gabby. “The students showed a genuine interest in our presentation, and they were ready to try coding in React-Native themselves!”

In addition to their presentations, Mike and Gabby also informed the students about the multitude of engineering co-op positions available at Skillz. Mike recalled that, when he was attending Cal Poly, there weren’t many student opportunities within gaming and tech. He wants to make sure that these students can take advantage of the student programs we offer at Skillz, so they could experience the exciting careers in these industries firsthand.

“Students at Cal Poly are very inquisitive,” says Mike. “They seem very intrigued by the idea of a platform like Skillz transforming the eSports and mobile gaming industries, and were eager to know more. I can tell they’re passionate and bright individuals, and I hope they come to see for themselves what it’s like to work in such a disruptive industry.”

Mike is already slated to return to Cal Poly early next year to share more about Skillz and our product, and hopes to keep tackling new speaking/mentorship opportunities in order to continue fostering the overwhelming student interest in working in eSports. In fact, after Mike and Gabby’s visit, Skillz received 10x more applicants for full-time and co-op positions than we did in the previous quarter!

Thanks for your efforts developing future eSports industry leaders, Mike and Gabby!

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