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Skillzians Go for the Gold in Quarterly OKR Games

After a fantastic end to 2018, the entire company met up in January to review each department’s objectives over the last quarter and discuss both highlights and lowlights. Then our leaders presented the top company goals to kick off the new year. Since collaboration is one of our core values, these check-ins help all employees, regardless of department, be informed on what we’re working toward together.

The presentations were followed by a champagne toast to our accomplishments, and in typical Skillz fashion, we rounded out the day with some friendly competition! First on the agenda was a game called “The Floor is Lava,” where each team used pieces of paper to cross the dangerous volcanic terrain and bring sheets of paper back to the starting point as quickly as they could.

Next up was “Simon Says Not To,” a fun spin on the traditional “Simon Says” game where teams were required to do the opposite of the directions given! For example, if Simon said not to make an animal noise, players would actually have to roar or meow or ribbit.

In another competition, Skillzians navigated two remote-control cars to knock over pins using plastic balls. The catch? One remote-controlled both cars at once, and knocking over pins without the ball resulted in a penalty. Talk about multi-tasking!

And of course, we were eager to include an actual video game as part of our OKR competitions. Cleverly named “Mario Kart Le Mans,” each team had three cars racing to achieve the fastest cumulative time, with drivers trading off at the end of each lap for a makeshift relay race.

Finally, a crowd favorite was our “Apple Archery” game. During this event, each contestant balanced an apple on their head and attempted to deposit the apple in the highest scoring area of the target taped to the ground without touching the apple with any other appendages.

After two hours of exciting and grueling competition, Team 5 came out on top!

If you’re interested in a career in gaming or eSports, check out our open positions and apply now – maybe you’ll be a victor in our next OKR games!