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Skillzians Celebrate National Hobby Month  

It’s important to maintain balance across our personal and professional lives, so we’re celebrating National Hobby Month by asking Skillzians about their favorite hobbies and activities! From rock climbing to swimming to digital art, Skillz employees have some pretty exciting interests. Check out the photos below and learn more about why they love their hobbies!

Stephen frequently participates in various types of rock climbing, including deep water solo, where the climber ascends the rock without ropes and jumps into the water from the top. The pictures below were captured in Krabi, Thailand.

When asked why he loves climbing, Stephen says he enjoys the blend of physical and mental challenges the sport provides. He also likes that progress can be measured very easily, as climbing is a largely individual endeavor. However, he also appreciates the trust that’s built between the climber and the partner who belays them. Though climbing can be dangerous, Stephen finds it to be an invigorating challenge.

Alyssa’s hobby is creating digital art through photo-manipulation. She says that art gives her a creative outlet to express her feelings and dreams. In Alyssa’s words, “I’ve always lived in a fantasy world in my head, so being able to bring some of that to reality makes me feel like a kid again.” Making art reminds her that anything is possible and inspires her to always keep her imagination alive.

The images below show a couple of Alyssa’s projects from start to finish. She takes all of the photos herself and then uses Photoshop and Lightroom to create a new atmosphere for the images.

As a former NCAA athlete, Eric now swims for fun in his free time. He loves being in the water and describes his hobby as “very therapeutic.” Swimming allows him to take time out of his busy days to clear his mind, and he’s grateful that he will always have it as a way to unwind.  

Elena’s hobbies include jogging, hanging out with her cat, and supporting a local fox rescue organization. She combines two of her favorite activities by bringing her bengal cat, Gaius, along with her on her runs. Elena especially enjoys jogging through canyons in Los Angeles for the nice views and peaceful atmosphere.

Sasha’s hobby is teaching boxing. He has been playing the sport for ten years, but more recently he began coaching. In the past two years, Sasha has enjoyed helping people build confidence in their abilities through boxing and loves seeing his students transform from timid to tough. He says teaching boxing brings joy and deeper meaning to his life!

Ellie loves the outdoors – so her hobbies range from hiking to climbing to photography, and everything in between! She enjoys adventuring because it’s a great way to unplug from everything and simply be in the moment, whether with friends or alone. Climbing has taken her all over the world; she’s been able to visit places she never would have ventured if not for her hobbies. Backpacking has shown her all of the amazing gems of California that are inaccessible to the casual hiker, and photography allows Ellie to capture these breathtaking moments.

Other Skillzians, like Nathan, play video games avidly. Nathan’s favorite game to play in his free time is “Fortnite.” He enjoys video games because playing in fantasy worlds make him feel like a kid again. For Halloween, Nathan channeled his crafty side to make a “Fortnite”-themed costume of his favorite character, Drift. Check out the finished product below!

This National Hobby Month, be sure to make time for your favorite activities and interests! If you want to join a company that values work-life balance and encourages you to explore your passions, check out our open positions!