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Skillzian Thanksgiving Celebrations

This Thanksgiving holiday, Skillzians celebrated by spending quality time with family and friends, eating tasty food, and traveling near and far. With balance being a core Skillz company value, festivities began on Wednesday for us – we had a Thanksgiving feast after our half-day of work and donated our leftovers to those less fortunate. Then Skillzians officially kicked off their holiday weekends, enjoying great food and great company. Check out the photos below to see how some of us spent our Thanksgiving break!

Some donned festive outfits for the occasion:

Others spent the holiday with their cutest furry friends:

Another Skillzian headed to Nevada and captured some of her favorite scenes:

And finally, some traveled with family to faraway places – including Singapore and Cambodia!

It was a fun-filled, relaxing Thanksgiving for Skillzians, and everyone was grateful to spend the weekend with their closest friends and family members!