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Week in Review: “Animal Crossing” comes to mobile,  FIFA and EA will put on first-ever “eWorld Cup,” “Pokémon Go” features an in-game event for Halloween. 

Image Credit: The Verge

Digital/Mobile News

  • Nintendo has announced “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” for mobile. Due to release on iOS and Android in late November, the title looks much like other games in the “Animal Crossing” series, which involve characters interacting with animal inhabitants and customizing their homes. With this new camping theme, however, characters will build campsites instead of the cities and towns in the console releases. (The Verge)
  • “Vainglory” has added 5-vs-5 battles, turning the mobile title into a true MOBA. Developer Super Evil Megacorp has opened signups for the new “no compromises” gaming mode. For a long time, “Vainglory” players were limited to 3-vs-3 multiplayer, making the title differ from the leading PC MOBAs, such as “League of Legends.” With this new mode, “Vainglory” may be able to attract more eSports players and fans. (VentureBeat)

Gaming News

  • FIFA and EA will put on the first-ever “eWorld Cup” next August, with qualifications beginning this week. Through the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series, EA and FIFA will identify the top 128 competitors (64 PS4 players and 64 Xbox One players) to continue to the Global Series Playoffs. The Playoffs will then lead to the final stop on the Global Series Tour: the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 18. (Engadget)
  • eSports are now officially recognized as a real sport by the Philippines, allowing eSports players to apply for the same visas as professional athletes. It will come as a relief to competitors such as Filipino “League of Legends” player Jake Xmithie Puchero, who almost missed Worlds 2015 due to visa issues. However, not everyone can apply – a professional eSports team must vouch for the player and the applicant has to pay a small fee. (Daily Mail)
  • “Attack on Titan 2” is coming to PC and consoles next March. Koei tecmo’s action game, based on the second season of the anime series, will include new characters and tools. It will also have new social components, as players will be able to deepen their relationships with comrades by training for battle together in the new and improved Town Life gameplay. (Polygon)
  • Microsoft has officially stopped manufacturing the Kinect. Originally created for the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s watershed depth camera and voice recognition microphone sold about 35 million units since its debut in 2010. While the company will continue to support Kinect for existing customers on Xbox, the ongoing developer tools remain unclear. (Fast Company)

Business News

  • Unity has partnered with GameCredits to bring blockchain to mobile games. The partnership could potentially bring blockchain assets to 3 billion unique mobile devices running Unity-made games and apps. To encourage developers to use the upcoming integration, Unity will give users access to a single-click solution for publishing games to GPlay, the GameCredits mobile gaming store. (SiliconANGLE)
  • Board game company Fantasy Flight Games has opened a video game studio. The new studio, Fantasy Flight Interactive, will both adapt the game publisher’s existing games as video games and create entirely new games based on their existing properties. While Fantasy Flight Games will continue to dabble in board games, the studio notes that its new interactive branch will focus on purely digital projects for Steam and potentially other platforms down the line. (Gamasutra)