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Skillz VP of Engineering, Miriam Aguirre, Speaks at Tech Intersections

Whether it’s volunteering as a guest judge for Technovation’s Junior Pitch event or speaking at events including Wonder Women Tech, Hopper x 1 Seattle and other more, our VP of Engineering Miriam Aguirre works tirelessly to lead tech diversity initiatives and empower women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Recently, she headed to Oakland, CA to speak at Tech Intersections, a conference designed for women of color working in the technology industry to come together and learn about each other’s successes, challenges and experiences.


Skillz VP of Engineering, Miriam Aguirre, Speaks at Tech Intersections
From left to right:

Tamyra Walker (Director of Recruitment and Retention, #YesWeCode)
Bianca Escalante (Senior Manager of Social Impact, GitHub)
Miriam Aguirre (VP of Engineering, Skillz)
Candice Morgan (Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Pinterest)

Miriam spoke on a panel titled “Diversity and Inclusion” alongside fellow female leaders from Pinterest, GitHub, and #YesWeCode. As tech industry experts, Miriam and her peers shared their personal experiences from working in tech, as well as strategies that companies can implement to prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Following the panel discussion, the group also hosted a Q&A session for the audience to raise questions about topics and issues that sparked their interest in hearing more. One of the most popular topics piquing attendees’ curiosity centered around what the panelists were excited about when imagining the future landscape of women in tech.

“It was encouraging to see so much optimism and hope for the future,” recalls Miriam. “Success seldom comes easily, but I was very pleased to see so many people coming together who were eager to make an impact, spearhead changes, and pave the way for others.”

Skillz VP of Engineering, Miriam Aguirre, Speaks at Tech Intersections

Miriam’s favorite part about attending these conferences is running into people that she has crossed paths with at previous events, and hearing everyone’s opinions/personal experiences.

“It was a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to candidly discuss problems, issues and solutions,” Miriam notes. “People were their true, authentic selves.”

Thanks, Miriam, for constantly working to advocate for more diversity and inclusivity in the tech and gaming industries! Learn more about Miriam in her Skillz Employee Spotlight blog post.