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Skillz SVP of Engineering Speaks on Panel at Tech Intersections

Our SVP of Engineering, Miriam Aguirre, spoke at Tech Intersections last week on a panel titled “Is It Different? Being First Gen In Tech” alongside professionals from Zaplabs and Remix. Tech Intersections is a conference that focuses on the women of color most underrepresented in the technology industry. It provides a space for these individuals to come together and learn from each other’s successes, challenges, and experiences. This year’s speakers covered topics including career skills, self-care, tech ecosystem building, and more!

The conference began with registration and breakfast, followed by an opening session that featured a music performance and keynote presentation. Panels and solo presentations ran all day, with lunch and snack breaks in between. During Miriam’s time slot, she and her fellow panelists discussed the challenges of being a minority in the tech industry, as well as what to expect and how to prepare when applying to college as a first-generation student.

Miriam enjoyed speaking to her journey and experience in technical roles. She talked about pursuing a role in tech (whether as an individual contributor or manager) and she communicated how her personal identity has impacted her professional career. Most notable was the topic of negotiation that came up during Miriam’s panel, to which she reflected, “I like instilling confidence around people’s ability to negotiate and talking about what is and isn’t negotiable.”

Attendees were attentive and engaged, asking a wide range of questions and participating in the conversation throughout. Tech Intersections was a powerful event that brought together impressive women – if you’d like to join a company that values diversity, check out our open positions!