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Skillz SVP of Engineering Speaks at Building Upwards

Last week, our SVP of Engineering spoke at Building Upwards, an event hosted at Lyft HQ that highlights technical women and non-binary individuals sharing their professional experiences with scaling and growth. The goal of this event is to inspire engineers and provide a space for networking. This year’s speaker lineup featured individuals from Lyft, Niantic, Stripe, Gremlin, Facebook, Airbnb, DNC, and of course, Skillz!

During her solo presentation titled “Technical Leadership vs. Technical Management in a Fast-Growing Organization,” Miriam discussed what it takes to make the transition into a management position, common challenges faced by managers, and advice on how to be a good tech manager. One of the most popular highlights from her presentation was her lead-off question to the attendees to help them determine their paths: “Do you like people?” Miriam also spoke about her career at Skillz and the role she plays as SVP of Engineering.

The event ended with a happy hour, where speakers and attendees enjoyed beverages and networking. Miriam enjoyed sharing her insights, meeting fellow professionals in the industry, and hearing other speaker presentations.

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