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Skillz SVP of Engineering Speaks at TwitchCon

From left to right:

Miriam Aguirre (SVP of Engineering, Skillz)

Julie Dragland (Senior Manager of Comms and Partnerships, SEGA)

Rumay Wang (Partnered Livestreamer, Twitch)

Laura Teclemariam (Lead Product Manager, EA Mobile Studio)

Our SVP of Engineering recently spoke on a panel at TwitchCon titled “Women in Gaming: How to Break the Cycle of Underrepresentation” alongside professionals and streamers from SEGA, Twitch, and EA Mobile. TwitchCon is an annual convention hosted by Twitch that brings together streamers, fans, and businesses to experience everything that defines eSports!

Miriam and her fellow panelists discussed how negative experiences for female gamers can result in underrepresentation in both industry jobs and game content itself, and how our community can benefit from building a more inclusive environment for playing and streaming games. Additionally, Miriam shared how she got involved in the gaming industry, advantages and disadvantages she has faced throughout her career, and how she’s involved with the community to help progress diversity in gaming.

The panel was well-attended and Miriam enjoyed discussing these important topics with like-minded individuals. Check out our open positions if you’d like to join a team dedicated to representing women in gaming!