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Skillz-Powered “Solitaire Cube” Reaches #1 in Card Genre on App Store

Last week, Skillz-powered mobile game “Solitaire Cube” by Tether Studios earned the #1 spot in the Card games category of the Apple App Store and cracked the top 100 across all iOS games! With hundreds of solitaire variations available and 800,000+ games in the App Store, it can be difficult to create a title that stands out, drives user engagement/retention, and ultimately generates a profit.

Our hats are off to Tether Studios for doing an excellent job keeping the game regularly updated with the latest version of the Skillz SDK while partnering with our team to delight players with regular programming such as live events, bracketed tournaments and special VIP tournaments. As one example, back in August we ran the largest solitaire tournament in history, with a $100,000 prize that attracted over 90,000 players who competed for over 20 million minutes throughout the event.

We’re proud to celebrate all the growth the game has achieved, but also want to encourage more developers to put on their creative hats since we see a lot more room for top games in Card and Puzzle genres to be successful on the App Store. For example, other Card game variants like “21 Blitz” and “Solitaire Tour” have also shown success and growth potential. Given that Solitaire is naturally a Puzzle game at its core, we also wanted to give a shoutout to other Skillz-enabled Puzzle titles like “Tens” and “Dominoes Gold” that have taken a modern spin on classic tile games.

So what does it take to differentiate your game in such a competitive market? Aside from creating stellar content, it’s also vital to choose a unique monetization strategy, as well as a competitive and fair ecosystem, to propel your mobile game to the top.

The Skillz system not only hosts one of the most popular digital solitaire games in the world, but it also powers games across a wide variety of content. In addition to Solitaire, other Puzzle genres such as Match Three and Bubble Shooters provide the opportunity to create diverse content.

Due to the impressive range of games the Skillz platform supports, it also attracts a wide variety of players from game to game. Skillz technology not only allows traditional, popular genres to be successful – it can be integrated into any game, allowing developers of all genres and sizes to benefit from access to the 18 million players competing across the Skillz ecosystem.

In addition, our monetization strategy provides developers with a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. Most importantly, the competitive tournament system does not detract from the player experience like other traditional monetization methods, such as advertisements and in-app purchases. Instead, Skillz eSports tournaments enhance the player experience by providing them with access to a fair, fun, and competitive ecosystem that enables mobile gamers to play against one another.

If you’d like to learn more about how Skillz can help you power the next hit mobile game, check out or contact!