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Week in Review: New mode coming to “Clash Royale,” “FIFA 18” to include eSports kits, Comcast buys team in new “Overwatch” league


Skillz Weekly Gaming News Recap

Image Credit: Team Vitality via Twitter

Digital/Mobile News

  • Kevin Hart made a family-friendly mobile game. “Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart” is like a combination of “Temple Run” and “Clash of Clans” in a medieval setting. While the game mirrors many runner, world-building, and tower defense games, its developer StandUp Digital says the game will also include inside jokes from Hart’s standup performances. (Engadget)
  • WWE has announced a new mobile game. In partnership with mobile developer Reliance Games, WWE is launching “WWE Mayhem” with both simple gameplay mechanics and deep progression elements. Currently in development, the game will allow players to control not only WWE Superstars on the current roster, but also legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. (Sportskeeda)
  • A new mode may be coming to “Clash Royale” this October. According to a recent developer update and a Reddit AMA, Mirror Match mode will level the playing field in an incredibly exciting way by having everyone receive the same cards and same shuffle. It will be a true test of skill, in which players won’t be able to blame suck-outs, bad draws, or OP players. (Heavy)

Gaming News

  • Statespace’s AimLab uses neuroscience to help eSports players train. The company claims that its debut product is like the NFL Combine for eSports – instead of measuring skills fundamental to success in football, it measures the fundamental skills for gaming like perception, decision-making, and cognition. The data is expected to help players know where their weaknesses are and to provide additional data for teams to evaluate and recruit new talent. (SportTechie)
  • CCP Games has unveiled its first virtual reality sport, “Sparc.” The title, with its immersive, 360-degree visuals, allows players to hurl virtual balls at each other in what is described as a hybrid between tennis and dodgeball. Its creator Johnny Damon says “Sparc” is a full-body workout, although its primary goal is to entertain. (SportTechie)
  • German football club VfL Bochum is entering eSports with two “FIFA” signings. VfL board member Wilken Engelbracht says the time is right for the club to move into eSports, as they aim to reach the younger target group through online channels and to open up entirely new advertising opportunities. VfL joins a long list of offline sports organizations who entered eSports this year. (eSports Observer)

Business News

  • Comcast has purchased a team in the new “Overwatch” eSports league. The largest U.S. cable television operator is acquiring the rights to the Philadelphia team. Its participation adds another deep-pocketed backer to a league that has attracted investors including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Los Angeles Rams owner Stanley Kroenke. (Bloomberg)
  • Telltale Games has named a former Zynga boss as its new CEO. The independent studio behind the popular “Game of Thrones,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Minecraft” adventure games, will now be led by Pete Hawley. Hawley previously worked at Zynga as a senior vice president and general manager since 2014. (GameSpot)
  • Allied eSports has opened a second arena in Shenzhen, China. Dubbed the “SEG Arena,” the venue was built in partnership with e-commerce leader Shenzhen SEG, which will help with the company’s Chinese outreach. The arena features a multi-use production studio, 168 gaming stations, and an interactive VR experience, aiming to be a “one-stop shop” for both large and small tournaments. (eSports Insider)

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