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Week in Review: Hulu adds four shows on eSports, Twitch launches two new funny viral video channels, Facebook announces “most accessible VR headset yet”

 Image Credit: Engadget via Christophe Simon/Getty Images


Digital/Mobile News

  • CCP Games is partnering with PlayRaven for an “Eve Online” mobile game. “Project Aurora” won’t be a port of the popular space-based multiplayer online role-playing game, but an entirely new free-to-play title set in the same universe, using many of the same themes. In the game, players will be expected to work together to dominate the center of the galaxy and become the most powerful corporation in the universe. (Bit-Tech)
  • Twitch’s new channels are all about funny viral clips. In another bid to broaden its established image as a game-streaming platform (last year, it hosted marathons of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and “Cosmos”), Twitch has announced two new funny channels. The FailArmy channel publishes viral clips submitted by Twitch’s millions of fans, and The Pet Collective channel publishes trending animal videos. (Engadget)
  • Nintendo might be working on a Game Boy Classic Edition. The company, whose SNES Classic Edition is already selling out at stores nationwide, has reportedly filed a trademark application in Japan for a system that seems to indicate the Game Boy will be getting the Classic treatment as well. The hints of this Game Boy device comes three months after reports Nintendo could be planning a Classic Edition for the N64 Console. (Fortune)
  • “The Swift Life” is a social network app for Taylor Swift fans. Glu Mobile, the company behind freemium apps like “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” has now partnered with Taylor Swift to provide a gathering place for the singer’s fans and maybe even an opportunity to interact with Swift herself. The app will be beta-released in limited countries soon. (Engadget)

Gaming News

  • Hulu is diving into eSports with four ESL-made shows. “Player V. Player” will be a gamified debate show, featuring eSports influencers discussing the latest industry topics. “Bootcamp” will follow “CS:GO” team The Immortals as they find three new players in preparation for November’s IEM Oakland event. “Defining Moments” will cover the major, history-defining moments of eSports. Lastly, “ESL Replay” will be a documentary-style recap of the best moments of four of the biggest eSports tournaments around the world. (Engadget)
  • PlayerUnknown’s “Battlegrounds” has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. This means that “PUBG” has sold 5 million copies – a third of its total sales – in just over a month. This milestone comes at the heels of the game’s concurrent users on Steam reaching nearly 2 million – a new record for the leading PC marketplace, surpassing the peak 1.2 million achieved by Valve’s “Dota 2.” (
  • Facebook has announced a $199 Oculus Go standalone VR headset. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “it’s the most accessible VT headset yet.” It appears that the mobile headset will be a similar experience to the Gear VR, allowing users to spin around but not move freely. Facebook’s VP of HR Hugo Barra called the device “hands-down the easiest way for developers to get involved with VR.” It plans to ship early next year. (TechCrunch)
  • “Gran Turismo Sport” has over 1 million players in open beta. Creator Kaz Yamauchi announced the news on Twitter, saying he was “surprised” by the amount of players “off the bat.” Anyone who makes progress during the open beta can keep their save file and bring over their data to the full game when it releases. Players will receive any in-game credit earned during the beta and can transfer their personalized vehicles as well. (Dot eSports)

Business News

  • VY eSports has raised a seed round of funding to launch an eSports content and services platform. The Santa Monica-based company didn’t disclose the exact amount, but said it will use the financing to invest in talent acquisition and to build its operations as well as partner relationships. Its platform aims to enable advertisers to reach eSports fans across multiple distribution formats and game titles, by bringing together the ad inventory across many of the highly viewed eSports events into one platform. (L.A. Biz)
  • Supersolid has raised $4 million, as it launches its “Home Street” mobile game. The round was led by mobile studios such as King and Supercell. “Home Street” is a life simulator in which players can join a neighborhood, customize the appearances of their characters, chat with friends, and participate in themed events. The free-to-play game, which has both single and multiplayer modes, is now live on iOS and Android. (VentureBeat)

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