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Week in Review: Blizzard Launches Overwatch League, Xbox Insider Updates, Apple’s First AR App


Skillz gaming news recap

Image Credit: Riot Games via USA Today

Digital/Mobile News

  • The “Pokémon Go” daily-bonus update is live. With these bonuses, players can receive extra experience and in-game items for completing tasks like making their first catch of the day or visiting their first PokéStop. This feature will also encourage players to return each day. This should help the game maintain its place near the top of the grossing chart. (VentureBeat)

Gaming News

  • The new Xbox Insider Program opens the development of future updates to all. These updates impact the way the system’s interface looks and feels while adding major new features. The next Xbox One update is focusing on social features, including new tools to find people to play games with and ways to create groups based on similar interests. Allowing everyone to provide feedback can ensure that these changes will please more players when they officially launch. (VentureBeat)
  • Blizzard now has its own official eSports league for “Overwatch.” Major cities in North and South America, Europe, China, Korea and the South Pacific will have teams. They’ll secure these teams, according to Blizzard, as a way to foster local fans and talent “for years to come.” At the season’s end, the best teams will play against each other live, in front of a global audience. (Engadget)

Business News

  • The impact of Gfinity’s investment in the growing eSports sector was obvious in its first full-year results, with the company reporting a loss of $4.5 million. However, during that year Gfinity earned $703,410 in revenue, up 163% over the prior year. The main contributors were sponsorships, fees from game publishers, premium subscriptions and ticket sales at its dedicated eSports arena – the first in the UK. (

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