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Week in Review: New Pokémon Mobile Game, UK’s First eSports Degree, GameMine Raises $20 Million to Expand Globally


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Image Credit: Gamasutra

Digital/Mobile News

  • Nintendo is making a new Pokémon mobile game. In “PokéLand,” players will compete in duels across islands, collecting and training Pokémon along the way. The game is entering an Android-only alpha test in Japan, limited to just 10,000 signups which have already been filled. (SlashGear)
  • Nintendo is facing off against Apple for Switch hardware parts. Nintendo needs more to meet increased demand, but the same parts are used to build Apple iPhones, causing a component shortage. These components include the NAND flash-memory chips for data storage, liquid-crystal displays, and tiny monitors that are integral to the Switch’s HD Rumble feature. (USgamer)
  • The new Blizzard mobile game seems to be a “Warcraft” spin-off, as a new Blizzard job posting seeks a hire for an “unannounced project for mobile” with a “passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP.” Earlier this month, Blizzard’s mobile title “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” surpassed 70 million players. (IGN)

Gaming News

  • China just became the game industry capital of the world, as global revenues have passed $100 billion in a single year for the first time. A notable contributor to the growth has been Apple’s mobile app store in China. In 2016, China accounted for 31% of the total $18 billion generated by games on iOS, compared with just 3% of the $2.4 billion total in 2012. (Bloomberg)
  • Americans under 35 like eSports as much as offline sports, according to a report by Kleiner Perkins. This is the first time that Mary Meeker’s famous Internet Trends Report has included a big section dedicated to games. Their findings further reinforce the notion that professional eSports are gradually achieving a public profile that rivals offline sports. (Gamasutra)
  • Twitch is launching a $200,000 “Tekken” eSports league, to kick off next month and stream exclusively on the platform. Partnering with Bandai Namco, the “Tekken” World Tour will host competitions around the globe, starting at the CEO Fighting Game Championships in Florida. (CNET)
  • Staffordshire University is offering the UK’s first eSports degree through a three-year program to kick off next September. The program will focus on the “business of eSports,” involving game design, event production, eSports culture, and business planning for eSports teams and franchises. Enrolled students will also have the opportunity to earn scholarships by playing games competitively. (Gamasutra)

Business News

  • Mobile games publisher GameMine has raised $20 million to expand globally. The Series A funding was led by Palisades Venture Capital. The publisher is hoping to disrupt the market with its subscription-based library of ad-free casual mobile games. There are 3.5 million active users in 135 countries that currently have access to over 100 games through the GameMine library. (VentureBeat)

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