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Week in Review: Mobile game revenues to hit $64.9B in 2020, X Games hosting “Rocket League” tournament, Super League Gaming raises $15m from Nickelodeon and more


Skillz weekly gaming news recap

Image Credit: Final Fantasy XV via VentureBeat


Digital/Mobile News

  • You can now go live from the official Twitch app on your phone. One of Twitch’s most requested features, mobile livestreaming, was previously only an option using third-party applications. Removing outside apps has made the process much smoother for users. They’ll now be able to broadcast directly from their smartphone camera. (Dot eSports)
  • Apple just released the first iOS 11 beta, now available to download for everyone – you no longer need to pay $99 for a developer account. iOS 11 features improvements for the iPad, including the ability to drag and drop files. Additionally, the Photos app on the iPhone is getting new tricks. You’ll even be able to send money in iMessage using Apple Pay. (TechCrunch)
  • “Final Fantasy XV” and “Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow” are both coming to mobile. The “Final Fantasy” game has launched in iOS and Android from MZ, the same developer behind mobile hits “Game of War: Fire Age” and “Mobile Strike.” The “Futurama” game is being launched by Jam City’s TinyCo, also free on iOS and Android. (VentureBeat, Engadget)

Gaming News

  • Nintendo is bolstering the eSports appeal of “Arms” with LAN play, which allows players to hook up multiple switch consoles using a wired LAN adapter for extra stability during multiplayer battles. Seeing as multiplayer is integral to the “Arms” gameplay experience, the introduction of a LAN connection should help with competitive gaming down the line. (Engadget)

Business News

  • ReKTGlobal wants every city to have an eSports venue, and it has announced plans to start three new divisions to expand the competitive gaming market. The new divisions are ReKTVenues, ReKTLive, and ReKTMedia. The three will construct new venues that can hold eSports competitions, bring eSports events to conventions and fan festivals, and create new eSports content with media companies. (VentureBeat)


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