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Week in Review: Nintendo Switch Online now available on mobile, “Dota 2” documentary series coming to TBS, Gaming business to be worth $200B by 2021


Skillz weekly gaming news recap

Image Credit: Niantic via Forbes

Digital/Mobile News

  • Nintendo Switch Online is now available for your phone. The free-to-download app’s release came just two days before the launch of “Splatoon 2.” Players working in teams online will rely heavily on the app’s voice chat and “invite friends” features. “Splatoon 2” is the only supported title for the app at the moment. (CNET)
  • Zynga is turning “Words With Friends” into a TV game show, following news of its partnership with MGM Television. According to a statement on Zynga’s investor website, the show will incorporate aspects from Zynga’s larger portfolio of “With Friends” word and puzzle games. They claim to have captured the perfect format to capture the competitiveness and creative wordplay of the some of the biggest names in Hollywood. (CNET)
  • Nintendo’s “Splatoon 2” is getting an online anime series, to be aired on Japanese magazine CoroCoro’s YouTube channel. The animated adaptation will be based on CoroCoro’s monthly manga series, which follows a team of Blue Inklings as they take part in Turf Wars against other teams. The series premieres on August 12th. (GameSpot)

Gaming News

  • The Philippine government is giving eSports players athletic licenses. High-level eSports players will now be recognized as bona fide athletes under the country’s legislation. The first beneficiaries of the license include pro players for TNC Pro Team and Execration, who as a result will get to compete in the world’s largest “Dota 2” tournament without any of the visa issues that have plagued teams in the past. (ESPN)
  • “Vainglory” is making its TV debut on Disney XD as part of ESL’s new “ESL Brawlers” series. The first six episodes of the series will be dedicated to Capcom’s “Street Fighter V,” but the final seventh episode will center on a “Vainglory” match between community members and pro players. (

Business News


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