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ASPCA Charity Event: 3,900+ players helped prevent animal cruelty through Skillz games!

Players helped prevent animal cruelty through Skillz games

Did you know that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has rescued 10,578 animals, helped 4,290 animals find their forever homes, and granted over $14 million to animal welfare organizations?

This organization has made huge strides in preventing animal cruelty and supporting animal rights, so we had to get in on the action. A few weeks ago, we held a special charity tournament, in which we donated $1 of each entry fee to the ASPCA.

Within 24 hours, players competed in their choice of five Skillz games – Bubble Shooter, Cube Cube, Strike! Bowling, Real Money Pool, or Animal Arena – as many times as they wanted, for a fun opportunity to help animals in need. We also provided the option for players who felt extra giving to redeem their Skillz loyalty Ticketz for additional donations.

While our focus was on raising money for charity, we also wanted to make sure the winners were rewarded for their generous participation. Here’s the full breakdown of the top five prizes:

  • 1st: $50
  • 2nd: $35
  • 3rd: $15
  • 4th: $10
  • 5th: $5

That’s not all. We awarded those who played five matches across all games a Skillz bottle opener. For those who played 10 or more, we awarded them an adorable stuffed dog fashioning a Skillz t-shirt. (Bask in the cuteness below!)

The event was a huge success – together, we raised a total of $3,927 across all five games. A whopping $311 of those donations were from redeemed Ticketz alone!

Congratulations to these top dogs: Chris_930 for Bubble Shooter and Animal Arena; Goldenstroke for Cube Cube; davidmudd for Strike! Bowling; and Lasha147 for Real Money Pool. Thanks to you four and the thousands of other players who participated, we were able to make a hefty contribution to this great cause.

We’re always hosting live events with an array of must-win prizes, so keep an eye out for future Skillz tournaments! In the meantime, check out Bubble Shooter, Cube Cube, Strike! Bowling, Real Money Pool, Animal Arena, and other fun Skillz games at