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Skillz Employee Spotlight: Jake Russell, QA Engineer

Jake’s favorite part of his job as a QA Engineer is the opportunity to learn something new every day while pursuing his passion for video games.

Skillz Employee Spotlight: Jake Russell, Quality Assurance Engineer

Growing up, Jake was always a fan of video games. His favorite title to play as a kid was “Spy Fox,” an action-filled, detective game where users role-play a super spy solving crime. Inspired and intrigued by the intricacy of game design, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology to further his study and majored in game design and development.

After graduating, he later followed his dream to work in the gaming industry and joined the Skillz QA team in September 2016. His job is to test the Skillz mobile software and perform both automated and manual testing to make sure that the system is bug-free for Skillz players. What he does is essential to maintaining a fair and engaging eSports experience.

“The mobile eSports industry is incredibly interesting, and I love that Skillzians are the people pioneering the space,” says Jake.


Skillz Employee Spotlight: Jake Russell, Quality Assurance Engineer

Jake’s favorite Skillz game is “Fast Racing Cops,” an endless runner game where the player controls a cop car and pursues other vehicles on the road. The challenge is to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups, which is the perfect combination of what Jake enjoys in games – a story and an adventure!

Besides spending free time designing and creating his own games, Jake also likes to make different kinds of pizzas – his personal favorite is Hawaiian. He also has many plans for the future to learn and try new things. Someday he’d like to take skydiving lessons from his cousin, who is an instructor in Florida. He was also inspired by a lesson he took on a cruise ship in the Bahamas to continue exploring swing dancing.

“For me, life is all about taking calculated risks,” states Jake. “Just remember to have fun, explore, and learn new things.”