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Skillz Employee Spotlight: Cam Brown, Payment Supervisor

Cam Brown loves to investigate.

It’s her favorite part of her role as Payment Supervisor. Cam works in our Portland office on the Customer Advocacy team, overseeing the millions of transactions that occur within our system, spotting and resolving possible errors, and streamlining the player withdrawal process.

 Skillz Employee Spotlight: Cam Brown, Payment Supervisor

“Resolving a payment error or reviewing a fraud report actually feels kind of like a treasure hunt, where you have to find different pieces of information to arrive at the end solution,” describes Cam. “It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve learned so much in this job.”

Cam first started at Skillz as a Customer Support Agent, handling player support requests, gameplay feedback, bug reports, and more. A few months in, Cam enthusiastically stepped up when this new position of Payment Supervisor became available, for a chance to work at the intersection of fraud prevention and payment system optimization.

“Skillz really encourages us all to explore different opportunities within the company. It’s great for people like me, who love being here and want to try something outside of our comfort zone or original role.”

In addition to having the strong analytical and reasoning skills that are required for her job, Cam fosters her creativity and talent as an all-star musician. She majored in Music Theory and Composition at the University of California, Davis, and has a knack for playing a variety of instruments including the flute, baritone, and cello. Recently, she’s been particularly enjoying percussion, and has even been performing in a drumline.

 Skillz Employee Spotlight: Cam Brown, Payment Supervisor

When she’s not playing music, Cam likes to spend time with her wife and two cats, Trix and Gryffin (yes, those names are inspired by “Harry Potter”). She also likes to play her favorite Skillz-powered game, Cube Cube by Tether Studios.

“I play a LOT of Cube Cube. I love that it’s part of our job to play these games, and it really speaks to our culture here. Everyone’s always hanging out, playing games with each other, and fostering a nice, welcoming environment. At the same time, there’s a deep sense of professional respect for one another. It’s a truly well-balanced culture.”