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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Matt Grunwald, Design Lead

Do you remember our last Employee Spotlight, when we shared that Zack has been with Skillz since our humble beginnings? Well, Matt has been here even longer! When he first joined Skillz, he was struck by the realization that we were evolving the gaming community, and bringing mobile competition to all walks of life.
Employee Spotlight 
When asked about his initial interest in Skillz, he said: “When you release a game and your friends and family play it, it’s exciting, but you’ll always have to go back to your day job. It’s exciting to see so many success stories from small studios that have partnered with us. Skillz supports developers of all sizes, but I think it’s especially rewarding that we can make such a positive impact on the lives of indie developers who quit their day jobs to do what they love.”

Matt is from a family full of athletes and strong competitors and found his competitive spirit manifesting in video games. Even with futile efforts from his family to play offline sports, he would end up out in left field looking for four-leaf clovers on the ground while the ball landed next to him. His platform to shine started with a controller in hand.

As he grew older, Matt honed his career interests and followed his passion to earn a degree in Interactive Digital Media at Lyndon State College. He uses his experience to mentor designers like Nicole here at Skillz.

“I think I’ve always had a personal drive for the subtleties of design. Color, balance, and theory. I consider design an instinct and I pursued that instinct to learn more how to apply it to a professional setting.”

At Skillz, he evaluates what our brand is today and where it needs to go in the future. Faced with challenges like visualizing our tagline, eSports for everyone, he develops experiences through storytelling to create an understanding that everyone can participate and be a champion.

He works hard so his cats, Milly and Fluff, can have a better life; but he said it is his team that truly brings him into work every day.

“It would be a completely different experience if I didn’t have the team I work with every day. We support each other, we joke with each other, and we celebrate our successes together.”

He enjoys working at Skillz because the company is defining the mobile eSports space, and because our entire staff understands what it takes to get there. He says, “It’s exciting to see every Skillzian united behind the same mission. The contributions made by each person paint a very impressive picture.”

When he isn’t at Skillz, he likes to play countless hours of “Black Desert Online” and do freelance photography projects. (If you ever want to collaborate reach out).  He also hopes to earn his motorcycle license before his midlife crisis and dreams of owning a Shiba Inu farm in Hokkaido with his fiancé.

If you’re interested in joining the Skillz team, check out our open positions here!