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Skillz Director of Developer Relations Speaks at Digital Entertainment World

Last week, our Director of Developer Relations joined professionals from ICM Partners, Framerate, and United Talent Agency on a panel titled “The Future of eSports: The Opportunity for Brands, Agencies & Marketers” at Digital Entertainment World (DEW). This event provides a platform for intellectual property rights holders in various industries to build the partnerships necessary to create and monetize digital content across important platforms.

The theme of this year’s DEW Expo was “The Power of Creativity and Influence.” Speakers included creators, brands, and platforms that are increasing the number of spectators and engaging fans across the market by bringing new entertainment experiences to life.

During David’s panel, he discussed compelling brand activations he has witnessed in the past year and shared insights about recent activation events run by Skillz, such as our local player events, GDC booth, and co-sponsored party at E3. He talked about ways to showcase your brand, including experiential marketing, sampling campaigns, and in-person brand activations. David then fielded questions related to the role of influencers in the eSports market, as well as the greatest sponsorship opportunities in gaming.

Aside from his panel, David had the opportunity to network with other speakers and attendees onsite, and he enjoyed engaging in conversations with his fellow panelists. He particularly enjoyed speaking about the Skillz business model and sharing player anecdotes with attendees. If you want to join a passionate and driven team that’s contributing to the bright future of eSports, check out our careers page!