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A GLIMPSE INTO SKILLZ CULTURE – Q4 Skillz Team Competition

Another quarter passing means another office-wide end-of-quarter competition! If you aren’t aware of last quarter’s churro-fencing, rubber duckie-hunting bonanza, check out the blog post about it here.

After every quarter of hard work, we let loose and spend an afternoon going head-to-head in challenging games! With a company dedicated to improving the world of competitive gaming, things can get pretty intense. This quarter’s competition took place at the perfect time. We recently added 16 more Skillzians to the team, making this set of games jam-packed with 100+ employees!

This quarter, Skillzians put some new skillz (pun intended) to the test in 5 epic battles. First, a photo hunt, which resulted in…well, you can see for yourself:


Challenge: Recreate a famous scene in Star Wars


Challenge: Reinvent the phrase “fish out of water”


Challenge: “I can’t believe we all fit in here!”


Then there was life-sized “Battleship.” The classic “Battleship” board game can get pretty competitive all on its own, and as you can imagine – the bigger the ship, the bigger the splash (if it sinks). We then played an intense game of lawn toss, and an even more intense game of human “Soccer King.” Suddenly, it was time for the final game of the day: shaving cream “Pictionary.” Check out this video and you’ll feel like you’re right there in the midst of all the fun and games!




It was a close call, but “The A Team” won the title. Congratulations to our victors! Some of those faces look familiar? That’s because a couple of these team members won the challenge last quarter too – talk about top-notch skillz.


Do you think you’re fit for the challenge? Check out our job openings and maybe you’ll be joining us in the next quarterly games!