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A Glimpse Into Skillz Culture – Q3 Skillz Team Competition!

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you already know that we celebrate the end of each successful quarter with some good old-fashioned competition.

Indeed, we dedicate an entire afternoon to an office-wide competition at our San Francisco headquarters. First, the 90+ SF Skillzians across all departments are randomly grouped into eight teams. Then, these teams face off in a variety of mentally and physically challenging games!

Last quarter, it was all about clementine mini golf, balloon pingball, and emoji charades. This quarter, Skillzians tried their hand at activities including rubber duckie hunting, balloon can-strike, and churro fencing. Check out this video for the day’s highlights:


Congrats to Team 2 for ultimately taking the (paper) crown! The competition was close, but the rest of the Skillzians were no match for marketing analyst Chris Sung’s sharp rubber duckie-shooting skills and receptionist Chloe Saldivar’s remorseless churro jabs.


A Glimpse into Skillz Culture: Q3 Team Competition

You too could get in on the next team competition. Check out our open job positions to see if you could be a great fit at Skillz!