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A Glimpse Into Skillz Culture – (Another) Skillz HQ Team Competition!



If you couldn’t already tell, we take competition pretty seriously here at Skillz – it’s inherent in our product, and it’s inherent in our culture.

So, to celebrate the end of each successful quarter, we dedicate an entire afternoon to an office-wide competition at our San Francisco headquarters. First, the 70+ SF Skillzians across all departments are randomly grouped into six teams. Once they choose a team name and elect a captain, the teams face off in a variety of mentally and physically challenging activities!

Last quarter, it was all about paper plane bocce, blindfolded Jenga, and fruit bowling. This quarter, Skillzians tried their hand at telephone detective, clementine mini golf, marble battles, balloon pingball, and emoji charades.


Skillzians design cardboard contraptions, which they’ll use to propel their marbles towards their opponents in “marble battles.”


Our CMO Casey shows us that his “balloon pingball” game is no joke with a wicked serve.


Things got pretty heated and the competition was VERY close… but at the end of the day, marketing analyst Scott led his team “Monkey Fighting Aliens” to what he recalls as a “pure, stunning victory.” The grand prize? An inflatable trophy and beautiful paper crowns:


Way to go, Team “Monkey Fighting Aliens”!


You too could get in on the next team competition. Check out our open positions to see if you could be a great fit at Skillz!